Douro River – Porto Boat Charter

The origin of the name "Douro" have many teories, one of them says that name came from a celtic word "Durque", which means water. Another says that came from Latin "Duris", which means hard, because of your great and larges shapes. It can also mean the richness it gives to the surrounding land, or just because your beautiful gold color on sunsets.

The Douro River rises in the Urbión Mountains, in the north of Spain, at around 2000 meters of altitude. It is the second largest river in Portugal with a total length of 895 km; in Portuguese territory the river is only 210 km long and is navigable all long that course thanks to the dams that nowadays are also an attraction, due to the difference in the water level.

The writer Miguel Torga said that the Douro was a "nature's excess". Its pass for tight valleys and abrupt hillsides, for many it's a "Portuguese Grand Canyon", the beautiful of your shapes, the color of water, the amazing landscapes, make sailing in Douro River a perfect experience.

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